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Teaching my girlfriend and her son how to fish

Late post again, trying to catch up with you guys. Since me and my girlfriend Kelly started dating in July last year I've been trying to take her and her 5yr old son Brody as much as possible when it's not cold and windy of course. First few trips went really well before the cold fronts we limited out quickly several times. Drifting cajun thunders and white gulp from st martins to grey mare in the scallop grounds back in october. For a little bit there Kelly was getting spoiled limiting on trout each trip then getting her PB 30" redfish and 23" like it was nothing. November was really good to us in the Yankeetown channel off the channel edges catching tons of medium drum, trout, and reds just tossing a shrimp on a jighead. She still doesn't realize how nice that red was lol

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