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Bokeelia area fishing June

Hello All

After 4 holidays in the last 6 years fishing out of Cape Coral in the lower pine island sound area we’ve mixed it up this year by booking to stay in Bokeelia to fish up that way for 12 days in June. 

This will obviously mean learning new spots so I was hoping you guys could point me in roughly the right direction in terms of productive grass flats and/or mangroves? We’ll just be after as much rod bending as we can get really. We’ll have use of a 20ft bay boat so I’m assuming around matlacha, Pineland, Cayo Costa and obviously Bokeelia itself would be the areas to look at and whilst I’m obviously not after anyone’s exact spots it would be really good if I could get some tips on roughly where to try? Also we are staying on canal off jug creek so I assume that and jug creek itself are worth a try as well? 

One last question I’ve seen that both the main marinas in Bokeelia seem to do live bait so would also be good to know which over those would be our best bet to use? 

Thanks in advance! 


  • MACDMACD Lee CountyPosts: 4,957 Captain
    You cant go wrong fishing the waters off northern Pine Island in June.  Just keep moving, don't get locked down to one spot , even if you caught a fish...I'm an arti guy, so i don't have opinions on live bait, other than cast net live bait produces. you may still have to move.....Go find the fish, they won't find you.
  • tompgitompgi Posts: 4 Greenhorn
    Hello Englishfisherman. I've been fishing the area for 15 years and can give you some pointers, shoot me a private mesage. Cheers from a fellow Brit, Capt. Limey.
  • AnEnglishFishermanAnEnglishFisherman EnglandPosts: 116 Deckhand
    Thanks that would be great I’ll send one over now 
  • razertoorazertoo UKPosts: 18 Deckhand
    Thanks that would be great I’ll send one over now 
    Are you Kenyafisherman from WSF?
  • TarponatorTarponator Under a BridgePosts: 17,010 AG
    edited February 8 #6
    Ever caught a tarpon?  You'll be down there during prime time.

    Fair warning:  There is a good chance catching a tarpon will ruin all other fishing for you.


    Have fun....Mike
  • AnEnglishFishermanAnEnglishFisherman EnglandPosts: 116 Deckhand
    Nope that’s not me razertoo.

    Tarponator I’ve never caught one personally but we’ve had a couple to the group. We’ll probably have a day or two after them but that’ll be it as it’s a bit too time consuming when you’re only there a couple weeks.
  • LostconchLostconch Posts: 740 Officer
    If you are using a boat it would be a good idea to have a rod ready just in case they show. A plastic eel type jig is a good go to.
  • AnEnglishFishermanAnEnglishFisherman EnglandPosts: 116 Deckhand
    Yeah we always have one heavy rod ready to go just in case they pass. 
  • nhkevnhkev Posts: 82 Deckhand
    June is my favorite time to fish that area.  the East side of Little Pine Island mangroves,  the bokeelia sand bars, the grass flats on the west side of Bokeelia.  Use live shrimp catch some pinfish or Pigfish put them on the bigger rod under a popping cork and let them sit.  Use spoons to catch some makeral , you should catch plenty of trout, bluefish, mangrove snapper, bonnet head sharks, ladyfish.  Hopefully a tarpon hits the pinfish.  yes they hand out in the pass but they regularly venture to the Charlotte Reef.
  • AnEnglishFishermanAnEnglishFisherman EnglandPosts: 116 Deckhand
    Thanks for that. Grass flats are where I’m most comfortable fishing so the more information as I can get on those not too far from Bokeelia the better. 
  • ScotsmanScotsman Posts: 1 Greenhorn
    Look as you might have a few problems visiting this year !! On a good note when you eventually visit Bokeelia you will find it a great place for a holiday and fantastic fishing, I spend around 3months a year there and have done for over 20 years now !!

    its a very special place ( don’t know how you found it but keep it a secret ) I have also had to cancel my visit as I live in Edinburgh and had planned to be there from end of April until mid June and the best time to catch up with the Tarpon but not to be !! 

    We we will have to wait until next time when hopefully all this virus stuff gets resolved and people can get back to normal..
  • LostconchLostconch Posts: 740 Officer
    I used to go there in October the water starts clearing then so you can site fish on the flats. 
  • SSLOAN218SSLOAN218 VirginiaPosts: 1 Greenhorn
    I receive your magazine and I wanted to see if one of your issues had an article on Bokeelia Florida. And now I see your either there now or going to be. We are headed there tomorrow from Virginia for the weekend. We are taking a boat out from the Pineland area. Good luck and maybe hope to see you. 
  • LimeyLimey Posts: 535 Officer
    tompgi said:
    Hello Englishfisherman. I've been fishing the area for 15 years and can give you some pointers, shoot me a private mesage. Cheers from a fellow Brit, Capt. Limey.
    From another Limey I’ll be fishing Sanibel for July. Snook on the beach in the mornings and sharks at night. 
    Carolina Skiff 238 DLV. 140 Suk
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