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New helm switch?

finbullyfinbully Posts: 748 Officer
Right now I have a Bolt BCN6000 system. I’d like to know If I can change the helm switch pad to Bolt BCI8000 or another version that has trim tab position indicator lights without changing the inside helm mounted relay box. The box is in a very tight position as the reason I’m asking.


  • gotsnodooksgotsnodooks New Smyrna Beach FlPosts: 129 Deckhand
    I know a lot of their stuff is interchangeable but you would likely be better to ask their customer service reps just to make sure.
  • conchydongconchydong Pompano BeachPosts: 6,403 Admiral
    If I am not mistaken, Tabman (Tom) passed away last year and I don't believe anyone else from Bennett has taken his place on the forums.  You may have to call the company directly instead of waiting for a response here.

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  • finbullyfinbully Posts: 748 Officer
    Thanks for the replies. The company told me I would need to change the relay box inside the helm too. Ugh! I just cleaned up the wiring and installed two transducer cables, a power cable and two Group 31 batteries in there. What was tight is now tighter including me needing to relocate the existing Bennett relay box. Oh well, wire ties are cheap...
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