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Shore/ Beach Fishing in Melbourne area help

BigBrownDogBigBrownDog Seattle, WAPosts: 4 Greenhorn
Happy Monday!  I'm in Seattle and making this post for my Dad.  My parents live in Minnesota and spend January through March in Melbourne.  They have been going there for a few winters and my Dad has been struggling a little with catching.  Seems like he is in a productive area based on the number of other fishermen and their success.  He is a great guy but not real open with asking for help.  So I'm making a post to see if anyone fishes in the area and open to meeting up with him to get him dialed in.  He's not a threat to your spots, just needs some local knowledge to improve his catch rates.  Please let me know if you're interested and i'll connect you guys.  He'll pack a great beverage cooler and I'll make sure he brings some of my smoked salmon to share.  Thank you in advance for any help or support.


  • One DropOne Drop Posts: 234 Deckhand
    Tell your pops to get some Pompano rigs and Sputnik style weights in 3-4oz from the local bait and tackle shop. Grab some clams, shrimp and sand fleas (Mullet if he wants bluefish but they eat shrimp as well). A little piece of shrimp peeled from the shell, a little piece of clam, tip with a sandflea and he should catch something. I'm up in Ormond by the Sea but using that technique when water temps are above 63deg and I end up with this table full more often than not. 

    Good luck and keep us posted on how he does. 
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