6/18 Dolphin and Sail out of Boynton

With the kids at the grandparents' this weekend, my wife and I got out early Saturday morning. We cleared Boynton Inlet at 6:30 and ran out to 700 ft. The plan was to troll ballyhoo and try to pick up some Dolphin. After an hour with no action, and after I had already eaten most of our lunch out of boredom, we decide to run out a few more miles.

We ended up about 10 miles out from the LW pier and stopped on a rip with scattered weed. We started seeing little bar jacks hanging with the weed and pretty soon we had a short Dolphin on the flatline. Before long we had the whole school around the boat, and switched to finger mullet chunks. We ended up with 14 of them before they started to move off.

From there we trolled in 800 ft towards PB inlet. Just North of the inlet we started seeing freejumping sails and before long had one hit a naked ballyhoo on the outrigger.

The ocean was flat calm all day, which made for a nice trip. And with the constant action, we hardly missed the lunch.


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