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What's The Difference 49 Strand Stainless Steel 1.4mm Cable VERSUS 1/16in Stainless Steel Wire Rope

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Hello everyone! 

Hoping to leverage some of you veterans and avid angling experts of the offshore fishing world for some help and advice! I'm trying to understand the difference (beside the HUGE price difference) between stainless steel 49 strand fishing wire and 49 strand (7x7) stainless steel rope ? Is it just a huge difference in price because one is marketed toward fishing and the other as general purpose ? 

Description of fishing branded 1.4mm 49 strand stainless steel fishing wire (Price for 30ft = 13.99 or 46 cents per foot)

49-strand Cable Vinyl Coated 7x7 Stainless Steel Kit 30ft 400lb 1.4mm

Description of non-fishing branded stainless steel 49 strand rope (Price for 328ft = 22.99 or 7 cents per foot...yes...$0.07 per foot !!)

1/16 (1.58mm) Wire Rope, 304 Stainless Steel Wire Cable, 328FT Length Aircraft Cable, 7x7 Strand Core, 368 lbs Breaking Strength

I also understand piano wire is an economical alternative (aside for one-time use) but stainless steel wire rope...have I stumbled upon something we fisherman were not supposed to see ?????



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