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Palm Valley 01/11

cmhairecmhaire Posts: 118 Deckhand
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We hit the water early and fished the last of the incoming and most of the outgoing tide. During the incoming all we managed were a bunch of yellow mouth trout. Once the tide changed the bite seemed to pick up some, but was still relatively slow overall. Our luck lately hasn’t been the best, but atleast were still managing a few here and there. I think today was the first red i’ve caught in the last month. I did have one strange catch. A monster fresh water catfish. I just knew I had a giant trout or drum, but nope a big ole catfish. 🤦‍♀️Oh and the wind was HORRIBLE. Everything was caught on live shrimp, didn’t get one hit on artificial. It seems the red are way up in the creeks and the trout are in deep holes. As always heres a few pics from throughout the day. Notice how dark the red was from the dark water of palm valley. Very different then sisters creek reds.   


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