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Intro: New to SW FL again...

Hey all just wanted to say hi... again.  I lived in Fort Myers a decade ago and fished that area when I could but traveled too much to enjoy it.  I have since lived and fished mostly in Mosquito Lagoon area and caught the tail end of that epic fishery. 

The last few years I have  been visiting 10k and ENP more and more when I had time and just simply fell in love. I have a job that takes me far and wide but when I'm not working I have nice stretches of time off that most could only dream about.  I'm lucky but have been becoming very unhappy with the fishing up in the IRL and ML as of late.   So I moved.  Since my place is only an expensive storage unit anyway due to my constant travel, I decided to base myself where I like to spend my free time now...  the south end of Collier County.  

I've met a few of you over here in person over the last few years and hope to meet many more.  Looking forward to learning from you all and hopefully sharing some amazing photographs along the way.  If you see me out and about say hi.  Be nice to make some new fishing buddies along the way!




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