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Venice New-Years

Zipped out for the afternoon on New Years Day.  Have been working to find areas of hard bottom in the 65' range during the last few trips. Beginning to understand the difference on the machine, but I'm still fooled on occasion.  Best indicator is still what the bottom feels like & what comes over the rail.

Anyhow - fished in 65-70', straight out, drifting live pinfish & cut bait.  Caught about a dozen short red grouper and a lot of small-med. porgy. A handfull of the RGs were measurable, but no keepers. Also managed two drift baits most day - 1 on top and 1 about 20'. Had one bite and missed him.  Trolled two lip plugs for about an hour for a break & lunch.  1 bite that didn't come tight. 

Surface temp around 69 in that area and not much life.  A few scattered schools of Bonita (I think), but only a few.  Didn't mark much bait at any time during the day. Was collecting some type of translucent mass on my drifter baits - looked like baby shrimp/sealice?


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