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Reds Galore, a Slam and nice Snook

Hey gang long time no posty....

Fished Tarpon Bay Dec 27-29 the afternoon incoming. water temps rising from 66 to 73. Reds were pounding the hair jig. Straight green pro power no fancy flouro needed. 4 reds the 27th, figured out the pattern and got 10 on the 28th. Wind picked up the 29th but finally got one red after a couple trout. Also on the 28th got a chunky 31 inch 10 pound snook and found a trout to get my slam. Snook gave a great battle used the trolling motor to pull it out 70 yards from shore it was jumping like crazy got it to the boat and it saw the boat went straight back for the mangroves so I pulled it out another 40 yards. Nothing like that feeling when your lip a big pig. Also got into bigger ladyfish each day and there was a hot lizard fish bite as well LOL. No jacks to be found anywhere. Very impressed with the bite glad to see red tide didn’t destroy this great place


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