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Friday @ The Pass, almost spooled!

  • Launched @ 7am, water temp was 68.9 and a wee bit turbid. Had to "go around" to the Marco rocks" to get inside as the tide was -.75. Started at a little mangrove island with a new guy from work. First cast with a bucktail, ladyfish. He caught a 16" trout on a white/black bucktail. Got a 22" snook on a small gold color jerkbait. Made a run to the NE corner of Cape Romano and caught jacks, ladyfish, small trout. Into the Morgan River and managed a couple keeper trout and more jacks/ladyfish. Back to the outside and put out a bigger rod with a chunk of ladyfish. 5 minutes later, the rod tip almost reaches the water the drag screams. My buddy pulls the rod out of the holder and this fish JUST KEEPS GOING! 200 yards of 30-pound power pro and to the mono backing. And still going! About 30 wraps to the spool, and I just broke it off. 300 yards away, LARGE splash!  No clue what is was beyond exciting!  Another chunk and rod goes off, again. Pick it up and 20 minutes later, a 4-foot wide ray is boat side. Broke it off as I did not want to risk injury. Back to the little island and picked up 2 more keeper trout. It was good to get back on the water and get a few fillets.
  • Hope all y'all have a great 2020 in the 10K area!
Polar 1900 Yamaha 115


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