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ENP Report 12/26

Two buddies and I fished out of Flamingo on Thursday. We knew it was going to be an interesting weather day with a wind direction/velocity change but we must have gotten rained on at least 15 times! Nothing heavy and no lightning. Just enough to make you put on rain gear, over and over again. It was the lowest tide we've ever seen going out and fishing was slow till afternoon. Gotta look for those "holes" Capt. Lemay talked about. Anyway, we did get 2 small snook, 2 keeper trout and 6 reds (3 keepers). 
We may need to adopt the Captain's "catfish rule." We caught three of the biggest cats ever, unfortunately.
Always a great adventure down there.

Best news is the Fish Cleaning Hut is back!!! A little smaller, but well sealed screen, nice new cutting boards and high tech hoses. Light timers could use an adjustment though. 

Here's a pic of one of several rainbows we saw. One was a double!



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