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Hello, just joined the forum. 
I’m fairly new to Snook fishing but have done a lot of reading. I visit Key Largo quite often, especially in the summer.  I know that summer beach fishing June thru early August can be stellar for snook since that is when and where they spawn. What beaches should I try. Seems there are not many beaches in the keys. Would appreciate any info to get me on the right track. Thanks and Merry Christmas!


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    Sorry to burst your bubble buddy but snook population in the keys is pretty low.
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    One of the reasons is snook like brackish water. The keys are too salty
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    Not a lot of snook (except around the bridges and in certain selected spots along shorelines down there ... but your real problem  - very, very few beaches - and only a very few provide public access (so you're really handicapped...). 

    One alternative if you're on foot is to walk underneath any bridge that has pilings that you can cast to... All of the snook around bridge pilings will be right on the bottom next to whatever piling allows them to ambush bait, coming on the tide - but if you can cast far enough across and up-current then you might be able to work a bucktail jig (or a leadhead with a plastic or Gulp tail) slowly past where  one of those fish with that racing stripe might just eat it... Once you're hooked up everything will depend on whether you can get the fish away from his (or her) home next to those pilings...

    Another (and maybe better option) is to find an outfit that rents kayaks - then simply work any mangrove lined shore you can find (that's an easy paddle from shore)  with weedless (snagless) lures like Bass Assassins or weedless flies for fly fishers, particularly in places where there's almost three feet of water under the branches and next to that tangle of mangrove roots... Places like that on the bayside hold lots of small mangrove snapper, the occasional redfish and speckled trout - as well as the snook.  Places like I've just described that also show a noticeable current (at tiny creek mouths, canals  or passes that allow current to flow from bayside to oceanside... in short, ambush spots for snook and other predators...) will all be worth careful attention.

    Lastly wherever you're staying  in the Keys there will be local docks that keep night lights burning... If you can access and fish them you'll quickly find that snook and all the other fish in a given area, feed mostly at night and that docklights are magnets - wherever they are as long as there's at least four feet of water and the dock is located where there's a tidal current... 

    Hope this helps.  For what it's worth when I think about beach snook... I'm thinking the entire west coast from Marco up to and just north of Tampa or the east coast from Jupiter north to Ft. Pierce... There's also some chances to fish beaches from Ft. Lauderdale down to Miami Beach - but access is always a serious problem - and the big population means that any fishing will be over within an hour after dawn...  Wish it weren't so - but that's the reality these days...
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    If you come up to from fort Myers to Tampa its great during the summer. Really any beach especially close to passes can hold them! walk a beach with a fly rod or a 3k and some white lures and you're golden. even if there are people on the beach don't be too discouraged cuz I've seen them literally swimming in-between people 3 feet apart. just be careful on the cast. 
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