6/18/11 fishing fun

Well... It seems like forever since we last fished! We headed out of JP aboard our friend franks boat to be met with beautiful flat seas. He had just gotten back from a wind filled week in the keys and needed to fish since he didn't get but one day in on his keys
Vacation. We fished between 92ft and 108ft . We came back with a nice king, 2 red snapper, a nice mango, 26in red grouper, and a bakers dozen chicken dolphin. All in all a fun filled day with all the by catch thrown back. Lots of the endangered gags... My best was 28in fatty. My man brought in a nice 36in pesky ramora....bragging rites hahaha! Fished with live pins, cut sardines and ballyhoo and squid. Fish and game at the the dock when we returned. Coasties out in force checking the boaters inside JP.. Typical holiday weekend... My soul is once again happy! This is why I work.... Boat gas hahahaha oh and great food for the table! Hope all you dads had a great weekend!


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