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New Hog video!

mossyhorn9mossyhorn9 Posts: 335 Deckhand
Let me know what you guys think.

You can blame it on my rebel raisin'...


  • bocapup1bocapup1 Posts: 1,123 Officer
    Cool video thanks for taking the time to share with us!

  • wayviswayvis FloridaPosts: 137 Deckhand
    The video was well done, but you wasted about 1/3 of the meat by cleaning it the way you done. I know a lot of guy's clean their deer and hogs by not gutting, but to me its a big waste and not the image as hunters that we need to be projecting. Also I know the rooting looks bad and it my be if your trying to keep an improve pasture of other crops. But if its just hunting land and not being used for commercial proposes then the rooting is good since it lets new growth and natural plants to start growing. I have seen many times when these rooting start to green up that you get deer and turkey feeding in them. No different than planting a food plot.
    I know I will get a lot of negative post for this but this is just my opinion. Thanks for the video and good luck with your hunting.

  • GeetchGeetch St. Pete and JasperPosts: 228 Deckhand
    If on private land, pigs are his property. He can do with them what he wants. 
  • Big MakBig Mak Posts: 3,373 Captain
    The only reason to gut an animal in the field is if you plan on filling the cavity with ice due to time constraints and location, to lighten your load to the truck, or if you plan on hanging to dry age. There is no waste going gutless. That is a myth....

    Also, disturbed ground that is left unplanted almost always propagates weeds and undesirable vegetation. Turkeys will hit FRESHER rooting because there are occasionally decent food sources made readily available to them that the hogs have turned up. It also provides dusting areas. Once the weeds take over you're left with a weed patch, good for nothing. IMHO
  • bowhunter4lifebowhunter4life Posts: 1,498 Officer
    Nice work, keep killing them. Try hunting them at night on private land for greater success. I only gut an animal if I have to, no meat wasted unless your trying to get the little bit of meat from between the ribs. I get the tenderloins out also , as long as it wasn’t gut shot.
  • mossyhorn9mossyhorn9 Posts: 335 Deckhand
    I appreciate all the comments. I don't usually gut hogs as I don't find it necessary. I can get all the meat off without doing so.

    The property is mostly cow pasture which is why we are most concerned about the rooting. The rooting destroys the pasture grass and makes the ground very uneven which can create issues with cows falling. Not to mention makes mowing a nightmare.

    Thanks again for the comments!
    You can blame it on my rebel raisin'...
  • Florida BullfrogFlorida Bullfrog Posts: 3,166 Captain
    I do not gut. It was wastes only the small tenderloin and organ meat if you’re in to that sort of thing. And a skilled cleaner can get many of those items at the end without gutting. 
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