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Howdy,  I've been off and on this forum site periodically.  I've been a weekend beach bum the past couple years, doing fair enough despite not having any information network. 

I just recently bought a used kayak, an old town predator, an older model, but a solid boat rigged up well.

So with that, I'm looking for folks that are interested in befriending a fellow angler.  I've met a couple good people on this forum that I go off shore with, but not having my own boat has its limitations,  hence why I've been a beach bum and recently acquired the yak. 

I've got a real addiction problem to sheeps and pomps, but my real sickness is off shore.  I love jigging for grouper and snapper.

So with that, reach out if you would like.  I'm typically free Friday - Sunday.  I work 4 tens Monday- Thursday  Naples area, will travel north or south about an hour or so.

Pics of some catches 
But hey dare, what do I know.. I'm just a Yankee salmon fisherman.. or no? See some of my pictures on instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BDMhg_NKD21/... search jamers_h
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