Wild Hog

A friend is giveing me some wild hog.
What is the best way to prepair it and cook it.


  • AllenRAllenR Posts: 2,699 Captain
    Depends on what cut of meat it is. There are thousands of recipes for each different cut:hungry
  • ruskinredneckruskinredneck Posts: 1,121 Officer
    Yes. What cut? For loins, my favorite is pork piccata. Or pork chops. For hams, bar-b-cue or Cuban style.
  • TerribleTedTerribleTed Posts: 105 Deckhand
    Ok first off does you friend brine the meat- this i consider a must for wild (grass feed pork) hog. Pig taste like what they are eating. Soaking for days in ice water will leach out blood that what seams to carry the wild flavors. I soak them quartered for a week in coolers and drain off the water and replace with clean water and more ice until the water stays kind of clear.

    I also find brown sugar is always good on wild hog Sugar can cut some of that root flavor.

    Yes i eat wild hogs all the time. I even get one now and them in a pen and corn feed them for a few months make them fat and tasty.

    Back staps = pork chops
    Hams = pork chunks for frying- Latin style frien pork
    hams and shoulders = great bbq or pulled pork.

    Sour orange
    Italian dressing
    Soy and brown sugar
    vinegar. and BBQ sauce and may be some coke cola.
    Any of these.

    When i make pulled pork i take a ham place in a foil pan. with foil over the top sealed. Add with Italian salad dressing liberaly applied - I want moisture. add a little olive oil
    add some cajum

    6 lbs ham = one bottle dressing 1/8 cup oil- 2 spoons Cajun seasoning- if you want hot add a spoon of crushed red pepper.
    Place in oven at 250 let it cook from lunch time to dinner time.
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