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Wma duck hunt

noelg11892noelg11892 Posts: 265 Deckhand
so I’ve been hunting Tampa bay this season and it’s been going decent but I wanted to target more puddle ducks. I wanted to know if it would even be worth it to go scout out places like richloam and green swamp. I know richloam is full of ponds and little marshes but have no idea at all if they’d hold birds. Not looking for any ones secret spot just in general if they’d hold em 


  • josh_scott84josh_scott84 ClearwaterPosts: 528 Officer
    I'm in both Richloam and GW pretty much anytime I can get out there. I will say I've never seen a single duck in either. Doesn't mean they aren't there. I've just never seen them
  • Reel TealReel Teal Posts: 3,927 Captain
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    Puddle ducks are exactly in the "puddles" per sey. Only one way to find out if there are any there. Figure out what you want to target and if it even exists here or worth pursuing.
  • joelunchbucketjoelunchbucket Posts: 452 Deckhand
    What’s growing in them?  If there is food in them in any significant amount, the ducks will use them. Not every pond will have the food they are looking for though. 
  • PinmanPinman Posts: 2,650 Captain

    Theres some great marshes and great Wood Duck holes in lots of WMAs all over the state.  The trick is finding them then trying to keep it a secret. I had some Wood Duck spots close to my house I would only hunt during the week and outside any other seasons bc I didn't want anyone else around to hear shooting. But they were eventually found out so its off to find some other spots.

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  • duckmanJRduckmanJR Posts: 20,736 AG
    The short answer is.... Yes...WMA's will have birds....most success comes from lotrs of scouting.....and most will not give up a hunt day for a scout day.  The scouting should have been done in the weeks before the season to see if they were there. 
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