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lake henderson

anybody  know if there is good bass fishing  in lake Henderson.  going over to west coast to visit  trying to find a good lake to fish  near cystal river   thanks


  • mikenavmikenav Posts: 861 Officer
    I've had more luck in Tsala Apopka, which connects to Henderson, but it looks like Little Henderson may have some fishy spots up there in the northeast section...

  • Alex from GAAlex from GA Posts: 1,585 Captain
    Haven't been this winter but did fairly well last winter.  I also fish Hernando which can be good.  I think that's the one Mikenav says is Tsala Apopka.  If you have an airboat they join.
  • capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 10,487 Moderator
    Henderson is good. They are schooling this time of year. The Hernando pool (Tsala Apopka) has big fish but the bite has been off as of late. Club tournament couple of weeks back and no bags over 10lb. Did have an 8.8 come to scale on a frog.
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