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Video First Split - SE Louisiana

This is some video from the first split of 2019 SE Louisiana.  What I have on film is from one of our 3 man blinds in a big open pond on our lease.  As you all know it has been a very slow first split.  In the past a video like this could be done from the action of one weekend.  Now it takes the whole split to get what I have. Hopefully we will have a better second split.




  • Delta DuckmanDelta Duckman Posts: 56 Deckhand
    No I don't hunt there.  I am about 1 hour upriver from Venice on the east bank side of the river.  I am in Plaquemines Parish
  • micci_manmicci_man Somewhere in FLPosts: 14,463 AG
    Do the ducks actually decoy there? I mean wings cupped and feet down. Seems all flared or passing and lots of 3 shots per gun. Thanks for the video. 
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  • duckmanJRduckmanJR Posts: 20,736 AG
    I wonder why they are flaring......
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  • Delta DuckmanDelta Duckman Posts: 56 Deckhand
    You can see in the video we have a very good duck blind and are well covered, it's not that.  If we sat down to shoot we would probably have the first shot off before they flare up but we don't do it that way.  

    I have discovered over time that when hunting big water ponds the ducks very rarely land in the decoys.  Probably 85% of the time it is pass shooting.  Some decoy but most don't.  If you watch other videos I have done you will see the similar results. Big water means pass shooting which is a lot of fun when you have a lot of ducks and three guys shooting.  

    When hunting small to medium ponds ducks react differently.  Once they commit to a pond and decoy set up they come in with landing gear down and are much easier to shoot but you get less shots but better shots.

    One of the leases I have has the big water ponds so that is why we are set up the way we are.

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