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Hate or really dislike



  • This place used to be fun and  a great fishing asset.

    I remember in the old days when we first figured out swordfish were back. My buddy Cliff Hughes and I went to most of the forum members fishing clubs to show them how we do it and many caught there first swordfish after that. Not so much with the deep dropping, the forum slid off the cookie by then

    Some of our best environmental threads have been chopped by the new guard and so on and so on. Heck, on one thread I was attacked as a biggot when I probably have the most diverse family any of you ever met. Go Figure?

    All I do is check in now ant hen to see what kind of crap is being spread around, and I rarely post. I think I was forum member 164.

    If you notice, may of the old original guard here are gone gone o like a freight train!

    Heck, my favorite (not) mod will probably jump in a bash me just for mentioning the past.

    Almost any other fishing forum makes this place look like it lost its luster.

    THT to you all!
  • MelbourneMarkMelbourneMark Posts: 2,166 Captain
    Its easy to hide behind a keyboard or written message.  Ive read that studies have shown social media has its downsides as well, and the link to the rise in younger generations suicide. 

    I imagine basically all of us could hang out together at a bonfire drinking beer or whatever. 

    at least we all can agree too hate peta members!
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