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Wednesday shore fishing trip. No fish, bad timing on the tide,

Ok no fish this shore trip but I had a great day hiking and stopping at several beautiful spots.  All my favorite fishing creeks had very little water in them.  It would of help if I looked at the tide report before I left  These photos are just a few I took and posting them for people that can't get out because of work or health reasons.  May be you never been here before.
 The day started out exciting for me as soon as I got out of the car at a super market to get  bait  I witness a robbery!  A man ran out of the store pushing a shopping cart loaded with meat and beer and wine with two employee chasing after him.  They wisely stopped with out stopping the guy and took his photo.  He turned his head and looked at them when they yelled that they were taking his photo, very smart.   May be he wanted a 8 x 10 or some wallet size photos to send Ma.  Had to leave my name and phone number but the police never gave me a call.
Will keep it short from here.  First stop was Hart Springs, set me back $2.  You can fish the run at the mouth of Suwannee River but didn't see one fish in the clear water.  Second Stop was Fanning Springs. Third stop was the little park next to the river.  The bridge make a good photo. After eating drove to Suwannee and made a quick driving tour of Venice of Florida with it canals.  Next was a drive down 9 mile long Dixie Main Line Road.  You never know what you will see on it.  Made a few cast at several stops on the road. After that I stopped and hiked To see Fishbone Cemetery from 1900.  It very overgrown and to locate graves you have to look hard.   Shired Island beach was next walked it from the ramp to the campground and back to the end of it and back to the car.  A great and beautiful walk when you got the place to yourself.   Tried fishing for around a hour near the ramp but the water level was low.  Got several hits but to small to hook.
That was my day.  Drove the hour and 10 minutes drive back home and I was very tired when I got home
 First two Photos taken at
Hart Springs Run
Image may contain tree plant outdoor nature and water
Image may contain tree plant outdoor nature and water

Fanning Springs bass fisherman
Image may contain tree plant sky outdoor nature and water
Route 19 bridge.  Love the sailboat it would never make it under the bridge.
Image may contain sky tree plant cloud house outdoor nature and water
 Grave of a 5 year old boy killed in a shipwreck and drowned at sea in 1900.
Image may contain outdoor
 Shired Island beach view near the campground
Image may contain cloud sky ocean tree beach outdoor nature and water

Boat, fishing on the end of Shired Island

Image may contain sky cloud outdoor and nature
Image may contain cloud sky tree outdoor and nature
Tidal creek
Image may contain sky tree cloud plant outdoor nature and water


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