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Nassau Sound Bridge and the "Flying Pompano"

I know it been 3 months since I make any updated on the bridge.  To be honest I have been fishing since my last report but decided to give to give a whole updated this month on what is biting up to now.  The spade fish are pretty much gone from the bridge but the catfish are the new residence at the bridge. There are plenty of them during the incoming tide. If you like hard head catfish than go catch them and fill your cooler up.  I have seen big trout being catch on the bridge. They are here and the best time to catch them is early in the morning before the sun rise.  Big red are also at the bridge if you want to target them.  I have not been fishing for flounder because I have decided to spend more time on targeting black drum. So far it has paid off.  The month of September and through November are the best month to catch these black drum.  I will add pic so you guys can see it.  This year I have much luck catching pompano on the bridge compared to last year.  I have been catching  them on every trip starting from the last week of October.  They seem to bite best during the outgoing tide.  The rig I used to catch them are the dropper rig but I advised from using any bright color bead or float because the blue fish will be the one tearing your rig up.  Speaking of blue fish there are some big one out there.  Most of the one I caught are slot limit averaging 13 to the fork.  Shark are plentiful too at the bridge. The finger mullet are there but not so much. My bait of choice is live shrimp. The last thing I want to talk about is the legendary flying pompano.  I try to tell my fishing buddy that it exist and none believed me until I show them the picture.  It might no be a world record pompano but I can tell you this that this flying pompano will never be catch again because the mayor make sure it fly right into the cooler.  Now I'm the only man in this world to ever catch one. :p


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