Wahoo and Phins 6-19-11 Boca

My wife and I headed out Sunday from the Boca Inlet to flat seas. I was hoping to get some live bait and set up over the reefs, but I could not find any live bait [if anyone knows where the bait is right now any advice would be appreciated]. With no live bait I decided to head offshore trolled out to about 1500 feet and back in with no bites.
When we got to about 250 feet somewhere around lighthouse point you could not get away from the weeds. Within a few minutes of working a big patch of weeds, the short line which had a ballyhoo and a green and yellow seawitch goes off. About fifteen minutes later, we gaff a nice Hoo. We worked the same weed lines and picked up a few peanuts. Great day on the water!



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