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Bonus bird!

Was on a quota archery hunt Saturday morning, didn’t see a deer that morning but had a hog 10 yards from my tree that I let slide... got down out of my stand around 10am and was walking back to the truck , was just starting to turn a corner close to a cypress head and saw 3 toms picking through a sand pile about 60 yards in front of me... You never saw a fat 50 year old man dive down back towards that cypress head so fast! I have no idea how they didn’t see me?... I decided to just sit in my location for 5 minutes and hoped they fed my direction, otherwise I’d start to see if I could close the distance on them. About 3 minutes later I catch movement coming up the edge, when he clears the brush he is 25 yards and staring at be broadside , I figured it’s now or never and I let one fly !... my first fall gobbler down!.... I hit my left knee on something when diving down into the cypress and have been limping around all weekend. Hopefully it heals up soon.


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