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Grand Slam Lower IRL

Morning y’all. Been so hectic with pregnant wife work and new home. We had a day to ourselves and went out on the river. And did we get into them... This time of year is my favorite time to wade fish. I usually catch more quality fish now early fall right before the run. I thought there was a chance because of water quality that we’d have a boring morning but within 2 hours caught some nice fish. First cast in nice red. Caught two more. Then tons of little trout. And hooked a couple under slot snook. My wife hooked into a giant snook and was palming the reel! and broke him off. Haha trying to copy me and got bit! Glad to see the fish are still happy and hungry. Water was murky as can be. Like chocolate milk. But went to our honeyhole and it paid off. 

We we didn’t throw too much baits. Kept it real simple. DOA shrimp, and DOA Split Tails we’re getting it done. 

I personally love fishing around mixed baits. When there’s mullet, white baits, and minnows. There’s so much of a variety you can catch. Don’t get me wrong. I’ll be there fishing the mullet pods. But this time of year when you can get out and find the perfect bait pods and pick them apart you are so rewarded. 

Yall have ave a good one!


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