Gelcoat Repair

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Looking to do some minor repairs to small gouges and chips.  I have had decent success previously but have a few questions.  

- does anybody use clear packing tape to “mold” a repair that’s on a radius or non-flat surface? The tape seems to spread the Gelcoat out too much.  I use a waxed finishing Gelcoat that can set up with contact to air so the tape isn’t being used for that reason.  

-any recommendations on non skid additives.  I have an older mako that has tiny specs (resembles sand) for the non skid - not a nice pattern like you see on new boats.  

-any tips on color matching off white boat? I know it’s either yellow, brown, or black pigments.  Maybe a combination of them.   


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    For the small chips and dings, I've had great luck using Magic Ezy 9 Second Chip Repair.  It's probably not a solution for larger gel coat issues.  
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    Add some cabosil to your gel-coat to thicken it up a bit. Just remember to catalyze to the original amount of gel prior to adding the cabosil. Stick the tape down around the edges, leaving an opening at the top. Then squeeze the gel in either with a syringe or just push in with a tongue depressor. Try to keep the top edge of your tape clean so you can stick down to cover the repair (you can always add another strip of tape over the first if it gets messy).
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    Matching: I had good luck on the small dings just using a 2 part epoxy, waited till it was somewhat set (on wax paper), pressed it into the underlying fibers and when dry the wax paper came off easy.  I had a big rip on the bottom I repaired the same way and thought it would pop out but 10 years later it's still there.  The tongue depressor (above) is sound advice, we used to use them to get the air pockets out of cowlings on aircraft.
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