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Guys…this is what works for me for smallish yellowtail 1# -1 1/2# each :
-small cavity heavily seasoned with kosher salt
-put in a few small pieces of onion, celery, carrot in cavity  ….or not
-coat both sides in olive oil
-sprinkle both sides with kosher salt, cracked pepper, onion powder, garlic salt, paprika [for color and taste]
-score both sides [allows heat to permeate the flesh and cooks the bone]
-using any type of basket to grill is helpful but not a necessity 
-PAM the basket or grills
-preheated  my grill to the lowest heat which is 450 degrees on my grill [cooked with grill cover closed]
-15 minutes each side…turned just once
-meat done and totally moist…flakes all white not pink
-after removing from grill brushed with olive oil and squeezed fresh  lemon 
-eat one side down to the bone then the entire bone lifts easily to eat the second side …you can easily fillet the top portion if you prefer not to eat down to the bone


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    You left the crunchy tail and the eyeball is still there? ;)  looks delicious!
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    bicyclist said:
    You left the crunchy tail and the eyeball is still there? ;)  looks delicious!
    left the tail and eye uneaten because I'm on a diet!
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    I do this with most snapper including Muttons.  When I 'm done the head is a skeleton as well.  Only difference from how you do it is I finely dice a lot of garlic and Italian parsley and mix it into a jar or bowl filled with olive oil.  On that first turn I brush that mixture on.  be careful for flareups.  Then when I take off grill or turn again if its a big fish, I brush again.  Might drizzle a little more on right before eating. 
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    Thanks 2amigo for your recipe,  sounds great...looking forward to basting with your recipe. 
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    Looks good, I sometimes stuff the cavity of fish I am grilling with a  mixture of chopped sweet onion,  diced tomatoes, cilantro and lime juice. Sort of a pico de gallo. Gives it a more Latin flavor.

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    15 minutes a side at 450? No fn way..
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    Picman said:
    15 minutes a side at 450? No fn way..
    WAY! flares ups!  WE may have to meet at a neutral bbq and have a grill off! 
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    NO way I'm eating a dinner that is staring at me the whole time.......
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