Looking for snook around New Smyrna/Edgewater

Wondering if anyone can point me in a general direction for some snook. I'm still relatively new to fishing and have had some recent success with reds and trout, but would like to catch something else. I have never hooked up on a snook and am wondering if you guys can give me some tips as to what areas I may find them and what baits seem to be best. From what I've read it looks like moving water is best, and I have been told that they like structure. Obviously I'm not asking you to give away your secret spots, just a general area. I usually fish anywhere between three bridges in NSB down to haulover, but I'm open to just about any place that I can get to in my kayak.


  • EricLEricL Posts: 322 Deckhand
    Ponce inlet holds the most in that area , right in the inlet with bucktails . I use to get them buy the lights on the fenders of the bridge's at night. stay out of the shadow and cast so the shrimp or pinfish drifts into the light and if they are there they will hit it just as it gets in the light zone. Other then that I have no clue were they are. I haven't caught a keeper in the slot in years
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