South Alabama Deer Hunting

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South Alabama whitetail outfitter. We have several thousand acres of prime whitetail hunting land. We offer 3day hunts that includes 1 buck hunters choice also have 620 acres of river land with 2miles river frontage, all virgin timber small family oriented club 4 memberships available for 2019-2020 season. $1500 per membership. If you are ready to bag your Alabama buck give me a call I can make it happen (334)618-8554


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    I am glad to only be a bird hunter with bird dogs...being a shooter or dog handler or whatever other niche exists to separate appears to generate far too much about which to worry.
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    How much for a processed deer?
    i don’t want the kill just the meat?
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    “ Club Membership “ = 3days for $1500.  Yes?
    Hunters are present yet relatively uncommon in Florida :wink
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    FloridaOD said:
    “ Club Membership “ = 3days for $1500.  Yes?
    One president put a man on the moon.
    Another president put a man in the Lady's bathroom.
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    620ac is the membership. 4 people on that is too many IMH much less adding 4 additional people.
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    Deer populations are tied to soil fertility as well as habitat requirements such as browse material, cover, etc, and we all know that. On average habitat that exists across South Alabama, and most of the Southeastern Whitetail range, one deer per every 18-20 acres, is about normal, and at about 40% bucks to 60% does that would equate to about 31-32 deer total with maybe 12-13 bucks. How many of these bucks would be legal game is unknown.

    Food plots will pull a few in but most of these are going to be does and yearlings with a few spike young males. As a rule mature big rack males are not going to put themselves in jeopardy for very long out in the open unless "girlfriends" are involved and even then it's going to be a "chase situation". (I'll have opposition in saying this, but I'm sticking by what I say). 

    I've mentioned this before and had no comments posted about it, but you can plant Chufas in a food plot and pull in a few more deer. When the Chufas mature initially you'll need to pull a bushel or so up out of the ground and let the deer get a taste of 'em, then the deer will clean you out by pawing so plant as much as you can along with your other plants.

    For a number of years before I retired out of the forestry/wildlife mess I managed a 4,000 acre plus tract of ranchland down in the Holopaw area. The Lady who owned the ranch had her ranch supervisor set up 13 automatic feeders to throw out a couple of bushels of corn every 4-5 hours and all at different times. You could stand concealed close by and watch what happened at each feeder, about 15 minutes before triggering game and non-game animals, turkeys, birds, etc would start collecting up around the feeders. Two or 3 minutes before the feeder was to trigger the wildlife set up their "pecking order" of who would rush in first. Feral hogs were always first, turkeys a close second then deer with a very few legal bucks next with lesser wildlife like coons, possums, toward the last. It would all be over in 5 minutes or so, and all of the wildlife would head off to the next feeder due to scatter, and all wildlife knew which feeder it would be. Wildlife is smart! 
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