Best shrimp bait.

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Have 400 feet of dock south of the Shands and trying to learn how to throw my shrimp net.  Any baiting and tide advice to attract these critters would be greatly appreciated.


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    Use to buy shrimp meal at Ace hardware. Mix with water until a paste consistency and make hand size balls. Through in water and wait 5-10 minutes. Should have moving water. Outgoing tide will push shrimp toward inlets. Throw the net and pull in slow to keep weights on the bottom. Always did it at night but should be around all day. 

    Good luck 
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    Shrimp meal and all purpose flour. Equal amounts mixed together then add water until it kinda stops sticking to your hand.i mix 5 lbs of each with about 3/4 gallon of water. 
    Make  big hamburger size patties and space them about 10 ft apart if you can. Hit me up and I’ll tag along and could teach you how to throw your net or mine. I have meal and flour. 
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    All we use is cat food. We just get the cheap walmart brand as long as its something fishy. Get the big cans with the tab. You stab holes in the lid and then tie a string to the tab and let it sit in the water. You can also mix dry cat food with flour and water and make chum with it. Throw it out in balls around where your going to be casting. 
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    Add rock salt to the meal/flour mixture. And be sure to make the patties flat enough to where the net does not pick them up and move them too easily.

    If........a big if right this minute based on the light show occurring on the Clay County side of the river.....we'll try it this evening up here in Fruit Cove.

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    Flour is ok     River bottom clay is far superior..  

  • osprey11osprey11 Posts: 1,160 Officer
    Do yourself a favor.   Go to standard feed and buy a 50# bag of meal.  That's where ace gets it before they break it down and mark it up 100%

  • bswivbswiv Posts: 7,615 Admiral
    osprey11 said:
    Flour is ok     River bottom clay is far superior..  
    Yes......just harder for most to get ahold of.

    We ended up with 20+ pounds last evening. Tossed back another 3-4 pounds that were too small. Our place is not in a good spot so that's quite good. Especially as we only went at it for about 2 hours.......and the dog was helping!
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    Very nice. You might be talking into going one more time. I'd like to see a bit of an upgrade on size though. I would have gone tomorrow on my day off but I need to do a bit scouting for bow season so that's the morning plan.
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    Buy the fish meal like most have said. This is what we have used since I can remember. Mix fish meal and all purpose flour equal parts, then add in clay. Red clay works the best but blue river clay is good as well. Shrimp can't resist the clay. Mix with water until you have a thick consistency that holds a patty form. If you have the time and somewhere to do this, form roughly 1 pound patties and set them out in the sun for a few hours. Throw the hardened patties in the water 30ish minutes before you plan shrimp. 
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    I Second the rock salt with shrimp meal and flour. Lots of light
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