Let’s talk beach artificials and seaweed

river_ratriver_rat Posts: 8 Greenhorn
been frustrating lately trying to artificials off the beach with all this seaweed. I’ll literally see snook and bait, but I usually get caught up in grass on the retrieve. Would love a single hook or weedless setup that gets fish attention and doesn’t spook them. 

So anyone have any suggestions on what works best for them? The GT paddletails have been meh for me. Hopefully we start to get some clearer water. Thanks and tight lines 


  • bocapup1bocapup1 Posts: 820 Officer
    White crappie jig on 10 pound test!
    bounce bottom and will produce 
  • river_ratriver_rat Posts: 8 Greenhorn
    Can you liup? Thanks. I think I know which one you’re talking about

    and when you say bounce bottom, you mean bump the rod along the bottom, reel, bump, etc? 
  • bocapup1bocapup1 Posts: 820 Officer
    Yes as soon as it hits bottom twitch rod tip and repeat!
    you will be happily surprised with the variety of fish you will catch and lose!
    tarpon,snook,mangroves,lookdown,whiting,pompano,bonefish,jacks,bluerunners and more!
  • tarponhuntertarponhunter Posts: 328 Deckhand
    I've been having the same issues with weed as well. A DOA terroreyez fished the same way is also very productive and relatively weedless. Otherwise I would recommend some sort of paddle tail that can be rigged weedless and in while or some color to match the whitebait
  • Ol'DirtyCasterOl'DirtyCaster Posts: 2,324 Captain

     Sargassum you can work around, but the stringy green stuff is a lost cause. Get in your car, and drive until you don't see it.
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