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marlin death by vodka?

FrisbeeFrisbee Posts: 2,315 Officer
The "Chill Kill" thread got me thinking so...
Welcome to a different world. The world of the Koi kichi (kichi means crazy in japanese).
Koi (colored carp you see in garden ponds) Hobbyists are a buncha loons. They "feel" for their fish; To the extent that they seek out the most humane method to euthanize them when the time comes....
I break out the Posthole digger and go to work around the mango tree when I got some that aren't worth a crap.
But here are what the common paractices are.

Clove oil...mix 20 dropps in a couple of gallons of water and the fish become paralyzed and eventaully dies...it looks OK but can you imagine what it takes to paralyze them..it doesn't happen instantaneously

MS-222 (or some such crap) does the same thing as clove oil but with a man made chemical

"Chill Kill" (yeah the same method as in the "Chill Kill" thread. Used by many of the more intelligent...cheap easy and probably humane. Koi Hobbyists have done it that way for many years. Ice cold water cooling the blood passing through the gills and cooling the body on the inside and outside. Used for many years..probably not as long as meat fishermen have been doing it.

Now here is where it gets weird...
Vodka (or any other spirits) splash a few drops from a squirt bottle into the gill slits. The Gills absorb such a high concentration in a short time that the heart stops when the Vodka blood pumps into it.
Guess where the Vodka method came from..yep we/they heard that the Bigtime Marlin fishermen use it to kill fish they want to keep.


  • hewes18hewes18 Posts: 757 Officer
    It works the best on fish that thrash around and that are too green, like big cobes that break legs and rodholders lol

    We also use alcohol on snakes when a big one grabs hold, a couple squirts and they will instantly release, non lethal for them though.
  • Capt M BrennanCapt M Brennan Posts: 488 Officer
    When I was skippering in the Antilles I carried a spray bottle of rum with me to kill fish with. I was running a charter sailboat, no fish box. We'd put a towel on deck, jerk the fish up on the towel, cover 'em up and reach under the towel and spray rum on the gills. One or two quivers, they're dead, no blood on deck to clean up and can be cleaned right away without worry. Got the rum for free from every resort area that wan't to "encourage" me to bring my guests ashore to their business. Had more rum than I knew what to do with. Try it, it works.
    Captain Mike Brennan
  • 001001 Posts: 4,292 Captain
    I've heard the regular rubbing isopropyl alcohol works well. Much cheaper and it should last on the boat. A bottle of vodka doesn't last long with the crowd on my boat.
  • bonephishbonephish Posts: 1,488 Officer
    hewes18 wrote: »
    We also use alcohol on snakes when a big one grabs hold.

    Are you a snake catcher? :eek:
  • monoxidemonoxide Posts: 1,094 Officer
    **** im gonna have to try that. loos like im off to the liquor store to get a cheap bottle. lol not wasteing the good stuff on fish.

    as for using rubbing alcohol i think i would rather use one that is safe to drink im sure it doesnt get into the flesh but better safe then sorry.
  • sirfersirfer Sarasota, FLPosts: 120 Deckhand
    I keep a bottle of the cheapest vodka I can find on the boat at all times. Not for marlin, but for barracuda and other big, toothy fish or those that thrash around a lot. I don't eat barracuda, but it's good for getting your treble hooks out if you want to save your lure and then they get recycled as shark bait.
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