Daiwa Regal Z 3500 C

bigpinesublimebigpinesublime on the waterPosts: 5 Greenhorn
Forgive my ignorance....was examining this 1999 reel I rarely used....this is the model with a long screw from the opposite side of the handle that takes a year to remove in order to remove the handle. My question is.....this is my only reel where the screw and attached cap on the opposite side of the turn handle turns as you are rotating the handle (reeling)......I thought that was strange....but seems to work fine and no other problems noted....I did note the little red plastic piece pushed on the long screw has a piece missing from it......maybe that was to keep it from turning when turning the handle on the other side......can someone who knows Daiwa Regal Z's help me identify my problem if there is one??   Many thanks.........(by the way....what braid would you put on this old non-braid prepared reel for bones/reds/permit?


  • Alex from GAAlex from GA Posts: 1,412 Officer
    After a few wraps of mono I spooled mine with 30 PP.
  • bigpinesublimebigpinesublime on the waterPosts: 5 Greenhorn
    Well after a month of waiting....I wrote a truly genius reel man on Youtube called 2ndchancetackle (Dennis). He has some wonderful take down and repair of all the common reels and presents it with class and humility. He wrote me back within 1 day and described the 3 different Regal Daiwa history and how they are constructed including the reel I possess. He reports the particular model I have actually has a turning opposing cover screw that turns on the right as you wind on the left sided handle....He is an amazing resource of knowledge and help. We would all benefit subscribing to his you tube.
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