2001 225 FICHT

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My buddy has asked me to help him replace his spark plugs. I know they will need to be indexed.  We do not have a manual.  I saw on YouTube in an eTec vid, that they can be torqued down from 15 to 30 ft/lbs to get correct indexing.  Is this uniform throughout the FICHT/eTec motors?  Dusky said they sell the plugs already gapped properly.  He got them a lot cheaper from NAPA, so specs on the gap would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance..


  • J_RodJ_Rod Ft. LauderdalePosts: 2 Greenhorn
    Turns out, it is a 2000 225 FICHT, and everything went well.  Plugs indexed easily.  Runs like a top!!
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