First Attempt (Pompano) 11/25/11

My brother in law (Axel) had picked up some Pompano jigs a few weeks back to try and target pompano in the river for the first time.
Friday morning I woke up and started on my holiday lights when about 7:30 i got that call that all fisherman want to here (YOU WANT TO FISH).
So after deliberating for about 30-45 seconds the lights were back in the garage and the fishing gear was coming out.
The plan was to go to Stuart were we had heard the pompano were starting to show up.
Neither I nor axel had ever really targeted pompano in the river before so this was going to be interesting.
We made our way close to the inlet and say allot of boats anchored on flats close to channels, I really don’t like doing what everyone else is so I told him to drift over the flat
and sea what happens.
We started hooking Ladyfish, Catfish and Sea Robbins one after another, I think I managed one pompano on the second drift which gave us a positive sign that they were there.
The bite had started to slow so we left and headed north to try another flat which after one drift we had not gotten one hit from anything.
I told axel remember about never leaving fish to find fish, so we headed back to our original spot and after a few passes of trash fish we started hooked pompano.
We ended up with 4, lost 2 at the boat and many more that never made it to the boat.
I was pretty excited to sea our results from our first venture for Pompano river fishing.

"Life’s Short, Fish Hard, Sleep When Your Dead"

My Nephew and I with the pomps.


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