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Shallow water Grouper fishing question whats better trolling or bottom fishing?

Hi Everyone, I will be in Homossasa this Thursday- Sunday for scalloping and everyone says bring a fishing pole as the scalloping has not been very good. My question is how far out do I need to run from the mouth of the river out in to the Gulf to get to an area where we can slow troll for Grouper without running to far offshore (only 21 ft boat). Also would you recommend trolling or dropping down pinfish or frozen sardines? Any advice is appreciated as I have tried to read up on this but not sure how far I will have to run to some rocky areas and am I better off going north or south as well. Thank you 


  • Ruff OneRuff One HomosassaPosts: 2,153 Captain
    Definitely bring a fishing pole(scallops not real good). Depth can range from 10 out to 20ft. Run to 20ft  takes about 45 minutes in my 20ft Pathfinder. Probably somewhere around 12 to 15 miles. Watch out for summer thunder storms. Can get really bad quick. Trolling deep diving plugs is the way to troll, but this time of year the grass is major problem. I mean major problem, so I don't troll in the summer at all. Buy some pinfish from Bonnie the bait lady, she hangs out right at front of mouth. Float pins under bobber , with your bait couple feet off bottom. You may pick up a cobia, and maybe a grouper. Run due west. good Luck. 
  • lbklbk Posts: 2 Greenhorn
    Thank you that's exactly what I needed
  • THINKICANTHINKICAN Homosassa, FLPosts: 585 Officer
    Ruff One knows what he's talking about.  In addition, if it's too bumpy for your boat to get to 20', might try North  and NW of the Homosassa Bird Rack and look for the shallow rock in 6' to 12'.  Troll those areas with shallower running plugs or fish the rocks with white sand around them with whatever bait you can get. Also a good place to cast at the rocks.  Good luck!
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