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Fishing license poor.

We, my wife and I, took a 3+ week road trip and just returned home.  She went to gardens and nurserys while I went fishing.  We towed a 15' camper trailer with a kayak on the Explorer.  Our first stop was in the Shenandoah Valley where I wanted to fish in the rivers for smallmouth bass but it was not to be.  The rivers were very high and muddy so I fished a small lake in VA and caught my first SM of the trip.  After that I fished in PA, NY, VT and ME and usually caught a few fish mostly SM bass.  We went to Longwood Gardens in PA and Ft Ticonderoga in NY.  VT was our next destination then NH and ME.  I caught a couple of fish that were new to me, northern pike and a sauger.  On the 4th we were in Boston but with all the parades and road closures we went through with no stops.  I floated the Elkhorn Creek in KY one day while Rosie bought some roses.  We hit 13 states and I fished in 7.   


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