Orange Park River. Fishing Jumped 3...7/11/19

Two of the boys set out this moring to catch enough for another fish dinner. They caught plenty of bait at the bridge and it took less time than usual so that is a good sign. They hit the first spot and caught a nice flounder, but the wind was blowing hard so they had to leave. They hit another one of our favorite spots and it was game on. They caught a mixed bag of fish and kept 3 slot reds, a 21" drum and the flounder. The exciting part was jumping 3 tarpon all in the 3ft range. It is our goal to land one tarpon before school starts and we all have to go back. We'll have the Go Pros ready if we are fortunate enough to get another shot. We are 0-4 this summer on river tarpon, but we still have a shot!


  • creekgeekcreekgeek Posts: 681 Officer
    Very nice. Yes...the shrimp are pretty easy pickings right now and good bait size with more eaters all the time. Good luck on landing a tarpon. They are awesome fighters but hard to get a good hook set on.
  • mike.robomike.robo Posts: 193 Deckhand
    We are definitely trying to figure it out. We know not to horse them and to drop the tip (bow to the king) on the jumps...we keep losing them right at the boat?? I hope to give it a try tomorrow and see if any are around. 
  • Tony RomaTony Roma Posts: 528 Officer
    The more they jump the larger chance of losing them smaller tarpon. Every time they jump they shake that head and it makes the entry hole of the hook larger. Put some heat on them , when you think you are pushing the tackle to far your probably not, you have to make those tarpon give up early, nice catch by the way 
  • mike.robomike.robo Posts: 193 Deckhand
    Thanks for the advice Tony! A friend texted earlier and said the same thing you did...fighting them too long. Hopefully we will get another chance soon. 
  • Black WaterBlack Water Posts: 169 Deckhand
    Nice catch!
    "Three-fourths of the Earth's surface is water, and one-fourth is land. It is quite clear that the good lord intended us to spend triple the amount of time fishing as taking care of the lawn." :fishing
  • saltygator11saltygator11 Posts: 134 Deckhand
    Good going! 
  • PangamanPangaman Posts: 659 Officer
    You can tire the tarpon out fast by making them jump. Change the direction of the line pull, go from high to low close to the water. Makes them jump. Especially on the big ones. First big tarpon I caught I fought for 1.5 hours just holding the rod up. Learned about changing the direction of the line pull to keep making them jump and started landing in 15 minutes. They call it the down and dirty technique.
  • ShallowmindedShallowminded Posts: 54 Greenhorn
    We chase the tarpon around this time of year too. We use a mirror lure, that’s fun when it’s a early morning top water hit. We’ve done well so far this year with them. Are you pitching at them as they roll, or are they grabbing a random shrimp on a jig head?
  • mike.robomike.robo Posts: 193 Deckhand
    Shrimp and jighead while fishing for reds. We have tried live pogies and croaker, but all have hit shrimp.
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