Orange Park River. Fishing Jumped 3...7/11/19

Two of the boys set out this moring to catch enough for another fish dinner. They caught plenty of bait at the bridge and it took less time than usual so that is a good sign. They hit the first spot and caught a nice flounder, but the wind was blowing hard so they had to leave. They hit another one of our favorite spots and it was game on. They caught a mixed bag of fish and kept 3 slot reds, a 21" drum and the flounder. The exciting part was jumping 3 tarpon all in the 3ft range. It is our goal to land one tarpon before school starts and we all have to go back. We'll have the Go Pros ready if we are fortunate enough to get another shot. We are 0-4 this summer on river tarpon, but we still have a shot!


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