recently purchased some gasoline at Pineland marine and notice the pumps were extremely slow ,,a 10th of a gallon was taking about 5-6  seconds a rotation so 1 gallon would take about a minute to pump...thats sloooow folks  ,,I think the filters are clogged ,,what do you guys think 
they seemed to not care and said there were no other complaints ,,I guess they monitor the things around there in the amount of complaints they get .(I should of complained about there gas
on the good side their retractable gas hoses could launch a ship. 


  • cracker4112cracker4112 Posts: 667 Officer
    Bought gas there on Friday, was not slow at all. Better than the last time i was in line at millers and the invincible in front of me took on 400+ gallons, that was slow!
  • CaptainBlyCaptainBly Posts: 2,088 Captain
    One of the pumps near us up in St. Pete gets an air bubble or something in the hose once in a while.  Stepping on the hose for some reason loosens it up and it runs fine.  Maybe that is it...Just a guess though.
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  • SerotoninSerotonin Cape CoralPosts: 192 Deckhand
    Did they fix the boat ramp that was taped off?

    Never bought gas there so no comment on that, but aside from prime location and the golf cart service I haven't been as happy using their facilities lately
  • voltmanvoltman Posts: 131 Deckhand
    I think I would of noticed the ramp being taped off  and I didn't see that,
     i used left side gas pump as you look at it from the water , hopefully they will get the pump fixed soon as this is something that can be fixed.
  • cracker4112cracker4112 Posts: 667 Officer
    Ramp is fixed.
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