Pre-Storm Bass

Anyone have any tips for finding bass pre-storm/pre-front?  I have a lake near my house that I try and bank fish as the storm fronts come through but I never find the hot bite that I read about.  Best result was I had a couple 2-3lbers follow a frog and hit it a few times without any hook-up right as the first bands of rain passed over Tallahassee from Hurricane Michael.

My interested is renewed now with the talk of the tropical depression forming in the northern gulf.  Just wondering if anyone has any tips on baits/lures, timing, or anything else helpful.



  • NSB PhotogNSB Photog Posts: 539 Officer
    If you are talking about the current summer storm pattern, there really isn't enough of a pressure change to trigger a pre-storm bite.  Generally speaking, the bite is best during a rapid drop in barometric pressure, typically indicative of a large approaching storm.  Fish instinctively know that conditions after the storm aren't going to be great for feeding (or possibly even life), so they party and eat as much as possible.

    This time of year I actually have more success post-storm, as bass will gather around runoffs, creeks, culverts, etc. waiting for insects, frogs, minnows, baby ducks and anything else they want to wait and slurp up.
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    NSB Photog, thanks for your information.  You've given me some ideas.  I know just the spot to try now after a big rain.
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    Are saltwater fish effected by weather changes as much as freshwater fish are?  The ocean is a big place. Not sure if it will shut them down like it does in a lake. 
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