Penn Battle 2 4000

Wildcard2950Wildcard2950 Posts: 67 Greenhorn

I have a Penn Battle 2 4000 and was using it the other day retrieving a small fish and noticed it was skipping. I've read on the internet if the side plate loosens up it could cause this. I checked the side plate and it was tight, and decided to open it up. I saw the gear with some worn teeth. (see attached). Is possible to get a part number and price to replace this gear?

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  • FlatsWreckedFlatsWrecked Posts: 110 Deckhand
    Hope you get this reel repaired. 

    I bought two Penn Battle 11 combo units from **** . Both rods had three ceramic guides fall out after minimal use.

    Paid Bridgemasters in Lake Wales to repair.

    Will stick with Hurricance rods , just my two cents.
  • Wildcard2950Wildcard2950 Posts: 67 Greenhorn
    Is Penn still on this forum?

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