Snook, Snook and snook

Capjohnson.mikeCapjohnson.mike Posts: 88 Greenhorn
Evening y’all, had a morning to myself and me and my buddy went out to do some snook fishing. Went and fished the inlet, tons of bait action. Mullet, minnows and crabs all along the beach. Throwing a Terror Eyes and Baitbuster we hooked into some nice snook. And some nice little flounders. Did throw and hook up with the Hogy paddle tail and after a few runs broke off. After the sun came up and the bait slowed down we moved into the river and fished some docks. Caught a few more and another nice slot size. Tons of bait action in the river. 

As always utilize the tides and and find moving water with active bait. Sometimes you can get away snook fishing docks when the baits not so thick since there just posting up to ambush. But having bait around is a sure guarantee there’s fish around. Have at it!

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