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Downrigger Weights

FritzFritz Posts: 253 Officer
What are you guys using for weights on your down riggers? I've got a 10 or 12 pound round ball, but the blow back is very high if I'm moving at any speed at all. Anyone using anything else or doing something different here?

To say I lack down rigger experience is somewhat of an overstatement.


  • razorreilly09razorreilly09 Posts: 8,401 Admiral
    Used to use the pancake and bullet style. Also, what kind/size is your mainline on the weight? I noticed a substantial difference when I switched from mono to braid.
  • NBIJOHNNBIJOHN Posts: 58 Deckhand
    I am far from a downrigger expert, but I have been using a big planner instead of lead ball. I've seen some guys actually just run off the planner on the downrigger just like another reel. I have been setting the planer out and then using a swivel snap and real heavy rubber band to snap to the rigger line. Slides down to the planer.
  • Plane Fish nPlane Fish n Posts: 6,439 Admiral
    HI Fritz,

    I use a 10lb ball weight but check this guy out....

    I am going to switch as I have heard great things about it.. including much less blow back and it is about the same price (about $10 or $15 more) than a conventional lead ball.


  • Go MongoGo Mongo Posts: 2,107 Captain
    Looks like a good gel coat saver as well. I'm curious as to whether you have to come to a complete stop to reel it up given the resistence of the wing.
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  • Plane Fish nPlane Fish n Posts: 6,439 Admiral
    Go Mongo wrote: »
    I'm curious as to whether you have to come to a complete stop to reel it up given the resistence of the wing.

    Apparently not Dennis,

    Take a look at these:


  • Captain DaveCaptain Dave Posts: 3,392 Captain
    Zwings work well but they require a strong base as a pulling point as they pull more then you would believe. I wouldn't use one in a rod roder downrigger mount personally unless you are trolling real slow. A through-bolted downrigger pad on the gunnel for your downrigger would be the safest bet for pulling a Zwing at speed. The planer is a much more cost friendly approach, although you won't be able to chose your exact depth.

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  • Anonymous2Anonymous2 Posts: 1,964 Officer
    Interesting thread. I remember the weights my dad used, and have thought of better ones since. Being a metal fab guy, I have some ideas, but need some feedback. Cost being the determining factor, a lead "ball" with a fin and clip, would be the best right? Help me out on this.
  • FritzFritz Posts: 253 Officer
    I did some research on the ZWing, I was really impressed at first as blowback is my biggest complaint from the round ball, but my downrigger is rod holder mounted and I think the loads probably to great. In addition to rod holder stress I read a story of downrigger boom failure using a ZWing.

    What about the fish shaped weight or the pancake models, I wonder...

    And I stumbled on a description for a homemade weight that really has me thinking, especially when I see the stupid prices BPS wants for a ten pound ball just lately.

    Razor I've got 150 lb steel cable just now on the down rigger.
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