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1st Yak - Feel free Lure 11.5

PumaPuma Lake PanasoffkeePosts: 9 Deckhand

 Just wanted to check in with yak people and let myself be known and hopefully learn from y'all. I've never even been in a kayak before last week (i'm 45). I went out and bought a feel free 11.5. Its the regular paddle version, although I plan on upgrading to the pedal drive sometime in the future.

 I have also just recently moved to Lake Panasoffkee August 2018. Previously lived in Gilchrist county for 22 years. Anyhow , looking for advice on places to put in and explore for fishing. The types of fishing I would prefer are redfishing and any inshore saltwater areas I could catch fish....and also I would like to explore some freshwater for crappie and catfish. These are the fish I enjoy eating as well as catching.

 From what I've read so far I guess the closest area for me would be Ozello, but I'm open to traveling to areas that are worth the road trip for sure.
 I would also be open to any groups or individuals that want to go out and explore and fish.

Thanks in advance
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