Protect Florida Act

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This is a bill we need to get behind and support.  If you're a Florida Sportsman and care about water quality a healthy estuary and an abundant fishery, we need to get behind it.  We need bi-partisan Congressional support to get the bill on the floor for a vote.  

Here is a story from Congressman Mast's press conference yesterday:


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    This bill does not deal with the source of the problem, and only ties the hands of those agencies who have to deal with the problem. This bill is not a solution to anything. It only causes Lake O to keep filling with polluted waters and the whiners trying to keep it from coming their way.

    It has to go somewhere. And deep wells is not the solution either.

    We must prevent human waste from getting into the water in the first place. We must deal with the source and stop the flow into the water some how or else this problem will never be solved.

    This bill is DOA because it is a whiners' bill, not a solution bill.

    The water can not continue to be backed up in Lake O. It has to flow into the ocean one way or another. Take your pick.

    One day the big O will overflow like a stopped up toilet once again. No way to stop it. No way to prevent it. The big O must be flushed out! Presently it is one of the most polluted lakes in the state with the highest nutrient loading and getting worse every day.

    They are building water filtration facilities now to clean this water before it flows down to the whiners who knowingly purchased land and homes along the flow path of the pollution. And now they want to whine about it. I have zero sympathy for any of them. Tell them to stop pooping and give up their septic tanks and clean up their own backyard first or get the hell out of there.

    According to the experts, most of the human waste in central Florida Orlando area flows down the Kissimmee river and right into Lake O. And there it collects in ever growing amounts. It can not just sit there and fill up. All that dirty water has to go somewhere. And right now there are really only 2 outlets, one to the east and one to the west. No way around this issue and some bill preventing releases is just stupid.

    Keep backing up the lake and what happened a century ago when it overflowed and killed thousands of people will happen again. They have to let out the water or else.

    If the new filtration facilities can not handle it, then maybe we need to construct massive pipes across Florida and a couple of miles right out into the ocean and just pipe it out miles offshore to avoid the pollution accumulation around the state and coast.

    Deep wells is not a solution either.

    Historically this water flowed overland through the river of grass into Everglades and off the tip of Florida, but can this be restored and will it work is the question?

    I say we work on the source! So everyone stop pooping! There. Problem solved! Until then, stay out of the way of the flow of poop because it is coming and some stupid bill like this one is not going to stop it.

    And I do care about the water quality in Florida. My family has lived here since 1878 and we boat and fish here. When I go fishing I carry a garbage bag and spend some of my time out there picking up everyone else's trash.

    But I gotta be realistic about the problem and the source of it and what is logical and feasible in dealing with it. And whiners' bills like this one are useless. And here is where it stands today:
    Last Action:
    Received in the Senate and Read twice and referred to the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.  (on 9/12/2019)

    It has been read twice and basically dismissed because it does not align itself with where the science is and where the science meets reality. A bill like this one is getting in the way of reality on behalf of the whiners who don't want the polluted water sent their way. Waaaaaah!

    Now, want to know what this bill is really about besides the whiners' dirty water release language:

    "Protecting and Securing Florida's Coastline Act of 2019 This bill permanently extends the moratorium on oil and gas leasing, preleasing, and related activities in certain areas of the Gulf of Mexico."

    Looks like the whiners have some piggybacking going on helping to kill this bill as well.

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