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Where are the Game Fish!!

Good morning. Recently moved to the area. Perdido Key area to be precise. I've been out in the channel 4 to 5 times already, catching nothing but catfish, stingray, and other junk. Nothing hitting at intermediate depths...Where does one go here to find gamefish? Reds, specs, etc...I have to go 10-15 miles from where I put in to get gulf access. Unless I put the boat in at Orange Beach, AL...Then I have to get a Bama fishing license too...

Any tips would be nice, also which baits, artificial lures, etc.




  • MRichardsonMRichardson Posts: 10,326 AG
    Grass flats in Big Lagoon.  To start I'd go with a topwater in early AM (top dog, zara spook, etc) and then also DOA CAL shad setup.  In the earliest part of the day the fish are surprisingly shallow.  Anywhere with lush grass in a couple feet of water or more is a likely place, definitely for trout.

    Channels are tricky, they are mostly featureless other than the dropoff and it's difficult to find spots that hold anything of interest - you have to know of a specific piece of bottom structure to really get much more than catfish, sharks and ladyfish.
    I have never seen live bones, but I know that they are often used by rich people to decorate the interior.
  • Split ShotSplit Shot Posts: 6,184 Admiral
    Mr. Rich is spot on! And don/t forget live bait and even if you cut the in half for smell.
  • Split ShotSplit Shot Posts: 6,184 Admiral
    edit sucks here!
    But cut them in half for the smell. Good luck!
  • LilOrangeLilOrange Posts: 1,205 Officer
    Can also use a popping cork with shrimp underneath or a jig/grub underneath.

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