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free diving at 60 (age)

rudyengrudyeng Posts: 232 Deckhand
Anyone still free diving and spear fish at age 60 and above ?

When I was younger we would typically free dive 20'-60' ++ easy.  Some of my buddies commercially spear fished.  Those guys are amazing and fearless.  I would spot them while they disappeared into the blue.  I don't  see anyone my age doing it anymore. 



  • privateer19privateer19 Posts: 439 Deckhand
    i'm closing in on that number still dive, not that deep though. can get to 30 or better and can still have 2 - 3 minutes of breath hold most days.
  • The Cat's EyeThe Cat's Eye Posts: 1,481 Officer

    I am always amazed how many young free divers I run into at the ramp that have no clue why they SEE a “Tunnel”, little lights twinkling, and maybe some ringing in their ears when they ascent from a free dive. I then feel compelled to explain the whole dynamics of shallow water blackout to them.

  • Gary SGary S Posts: 2,254 Captain
    When I turned 50 free diving just wasn't fun anymore. 
  • watergatorwatergator Fort Pierce Posts: 161 Deckhand
    I know a few guys in their late 60s that are still freediving and they kick my **** even as a mid decently in shape mid 20s guy. If you're not having any issues with it and you still enjoy it then I dont see a reason to stop
  • Ron@.38 Special[email protected] Special Posts: 6,934 Admiral
    66 here, still splashing without the tank on occasions.
  • Lobstercatcher229Lobstercatcher229 Posts: 4,845 Captain
    I am 66 and some months and we just free dove in 14 feet or less for our 6 per person limits Wed and Thursday's mini-season.  The other 3 divers are younger than me but I can catch my 6 no problem.  
  • Kevinwwings2Kevinwwings2 Posts: 1,279 Officer
    I just took a level 1 freedive course (66’) at 48.  There were 5 of us on dive day, and only 3 of us achieved it that day. The others had issues equalizing. I do have to say I learned a bunch, and after some practice and training I plan to do level 2 which is 132’.  Honestly no need to dive that deep, but looking forward to having some bottom time in 30-40’. I have been snorkeling for decades, but decided it was time to step up and do it right. Amazing I have not gotten myself in trouble yet. 
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