Are you all ready for the 2nd Offshore kayak tournament?! The first one was a great collaboration off people and fishing. This one is trying to top that by far! The date is March 3rd 2012 held out of Pompano Beach, FL. Last time we there were 64 kayaks to participate, and it was a great time for all. This year AJ's and yellowjacks have been added and maybe more! With Pompano housing well over 20 artificial reefs from under 100' to over 400' of water, anything is possible! (200' is a 25minute paddle!) On top of the kingfish Calcutta, there will be an AJ Calcutta as well. First place taking home a 1,000.00 cash prize plus much more. Joe Hector has been putting in lots of time to make this an enjoyable happening to anyone who participates, from the captains meeting raffle to the tournament prizes. For more insight to the tournament check out And, check out my post from August for the first tournament info. Go to my profile and check out prior posts, you'll find it there! Hope everyone and their brother/sister can show up, and good luck!


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