How to Choose a Remote Control Boat

lleamarie92lleamarie92 Sarasota, FL 34239Posts: 1 Greenhorn

I am looking for a “TFL boat” from 130-180 cm (50 to 0), that isn’t too hard to build, but that looks good as well. For the propulsion I will be probably using a electric brushes engine for the beginning easier to handle and going for 25cc 2 stroke afterword, but well that’s not the problems. The size of the model is also something to consider, bigger runs better is rougher water but cost of batteries. Visit our website TFL North America or call us at +1-941-539-6374


TFL North America is a privately held company in USA and Canada, marine FE is proud to offer TFL ARTR boats with some exciting options to provide you with a turnkey race rig without any need for upgrading


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